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Journey into the Sun
by Andrea Neumayer
Journey into the Sun
by Andrea Neumayer


Dimensions: 12” x 12” / 30.4cm x 30.4cm, framed hanging panel

Tesserae: Stained glass

“When I was a child, I used to draw and paint and I also enjoyed sculpturing with clay. I attended Waldorfschule, which particularly supports artist potential and graduated with arts being my major subject. The emphasis was on drawing technique of batik.
Creating compositions of various forms and colors I found “Art Nouveau” to be most fascinating, which influenced the work I accomplished during my studies of fiber craft and textile design.

In the 1980’s I saw the Parque Guell in Barcelona for the first time and was impressed by the mosaics there. But another twenty years passed until I realized my first mosaic works to decorate my house in 2002 – and found my passion; working extensively on walls or sculptures. I also like to design patterns and forms in a harmonic style.
For me patterns and harmonic forms are a connection to the old cultures of the world. Like the sense in times of “Art Nouveau” it is also important for me, the unity from art and life.”

Andrea Neumayer Mosaikbilder