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Teal and Red Heart
by Chris Emmert
Teal and Red Heart
by Chris Emmert


Dimensions: 9.5" x 7.5" / 24cm x 19cm, hanging panel

Tesserae: Salad plates, tile and beads

“I love all things mosaic. The breaking and reassembling is such a creative process that I ‘work’ at it all the time!!!

I am a self-taught artist and have been creating many forms of arts and crafts for most of my life, but mixed-media mosaics are my passion!

I enjoy the challenge that found objects present in creating a visually appealing piece of art and I am constantly searching for all sorts of intriguing bits and pieces to showcase in one of my mosaics. I look for anything that I think I can use and I try to up-cycle and recycle whenever possible.”

Chris Emmert Mosaic
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Oregon, USA