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Beauty from Within
by Conny van der Wende
Beauty from Within
by Conny van der Wende


Dimensions: 10" x 10" / 25.4cm x 25.4cm, framed hanging panel

Tesserae: Smalti, gravel, mother of pearl, pearl beads and tempered glass

“Beauty from within encourages us to withdraw from whatever kind of chaos or white noise we find ourselves entangled in. To go back to the silence of our souls and find peace and confidence in our own possibilities and capabilities. Collect your personal pearls from the sharp rocks of life and feel safe in your own cocoon.”

Conny shifted her professional career towards mosaics in 2004. Her biggest inspiration is nature and the use of all different kinds of materials to create multi media art. Combining throw-away-materials with classical mosaic materials and showing the beauty that can come from this, is her current inspiration. Her works have been in several exhibitions in The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.
She creates art, accepts commissions and hosts international courses in her studio.

Conny van der Wende Mosaics
The Netherlands