Artwork > 2017 Beyond Borders: mosaic auction

The Paper Boat
by Emilie Ollier
The Paper Boat
by Emilie Ollier


Dimensions: 10” x 10”, 25cm x 25cm, framed hanging panel

Tesserae: Colored glass, Albertini, millefiori, earthenware and turquoise

“My name is Emilie Ollier and until lately I would have introduced myself as a Development Engineer. That was 3 months ago; I am now the creator of the brand CheZ GuStA.

I have decided to leave my job to spend all my time creating and selling my art, furniture, and decorative objects full of colours with modern patterns. It is the best decision I’ve ever made, come follow me on this new adventure!”

Emilie Ollier ~ CheZ GuStA
Provence, France