Artwork > 2017 Beyond Borders: mosaic auction

We are the Tide
by Emily J Hogan
We are the Tide
by Emily J Hogan


Dimensions: 9" x 9" / 22.8cm x 22.8cm, framed hanging panel

Tesserae: Glass, mirror

“This mosaic was formed from an original illustration I initially drew in order to make my first serious leap into the world of printmaking. I purposely chose to create an image, based on such simplicity with the aim of capturing real gesture of the female form and a feeling of quiet strength. I am drawn to images of women in water - are they cautiously wading in, or diving in head first?

‘Head first’ means putting theory into practice almost immediately, doing something without hesitation, or perhaps the head reaching a point before the rest of the body has a chance to catch up.
In comparison 'wading in' is a more careful, observational and thoughtful process.

Scott H.Young writes, ‘I think most people view life like they do the waters, where an inability to swim can be deadly. So they patiently wait on the side of the deck, while the people who realize there is no real harm get to have all the fun in the pool.’ 
Young says complete immersion is key, ‘The motivation to swim is greatest when you’re a few meters beneath the surface.
If you want to learn something quickly and deeply, you need to immerse yourself in it completely. Wading in can help, especially if you’re unable to take a bigger jump. At some point, you need to recognize that wading in the shallow end isn’t going to teach you how to swim. Only diving into deeper waters can you struggle back up to the surface. It’s only when your feet don’t touch the bottom, that you bother to kick.’

My creative specialties are always attempting to capture whimsy, human gesture, and simple (and often underrated) pleasures in everyday life.
There is often a very obvious element of the figures my work being caught in the midst of daydreaming. This is something I have a great deal of experience in.”

Emily J Hogan ~ Emily Red Studio