Artwork > 2017 Beyond Borders: mosaic auction

by Ginny Sher
by Ginny Sher


Dimensions: 9” x 7” / 22.8cm x 17.8cm, hanging panel

Tesserae: Smalti, stone, pebbles and hand-formed ceramic inclusions

“Adrift is my abstract interpretation of small creatures on the sandy bottom in the Caribbean Sea during a recent dive trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.

Flow is an important quality of life. In yoga, I bring flow and breath ‘to the mat’. Known in the art world as andamento, flow is also regarded as a very important quality of good mosaic art. Creating worthy art that displays proper flow from disparate objects gives me immense satisfaction.

In my work I endeavor to transform everyday images, feelings and experiences into things tangible and more permanent by the precise placement of individually and personally hand cut stone, glass and other natural materials. I enjoy great gratification upon cleaving open a stone that may be hundreds or even thousands of years old and appreciate the texture of its freshly opened surface and then, deciding how to shape it so that it best relates to the adjacent tessera. I create lines that flow properly to form the desired image; In so doing, I reflect myself, my life and my flow.”

Ginny Sher ~ Mosaic & Ceramic Artist
Baking Enthusiast
Avid Scuba Diver
Yoga Practitioner, swimmer, hiker
Lover of the sea and outdoors
Guardian and best friend to Buddy
California, USA