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A Rush for Spring
by Jessica Greaser
A Rush for Spring
by Jessica Greaser


Dimensions: 10” x 8.25” / 25.4cm x 20.9cm, chain hanger

Tesserae: Glass on glass in metal frame, metallic bead for eye

“This auction piece is a depiction of a Many Colored Rush Tyrant. A small bird who dwells mainly in the marsh lands. To see one in the wild is a beautiful site and you will be dazzled by its multicolored plumage.”

Jessica is a mosaic artist based in Southern New Jersey. Her company name is Heliotropic Mosaics. Heliotropic means to grow towards the sun.
Jessica has practiced this art for about 5 years, being drawn to using alternative materials to paint a picture. Glass adds a depth and permanence to her work. Creating art that represents wildlife and landscapes. For the last year she has been focusing on birds finding that cutting the glass shards into wings most therapeutic.

Jessica Greaser ~ Heliotropic Mosaics
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New Jersey, USA