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Fire in Her Belly, Salt in Her Veins
by Lynn Monet Bevino
Fire in Her Belly, Salt in Her Veins
by Lynn Monet Bevino


Dimension: 7.5” x 6.5” / 19cm x 16.5cm

Tesserae: Stained glass, tempered glass, shell, slate, marble, beads, ceramic, smalti, fabric, carnelian and garnet

"Wake up or you will be swallowed utterly!" The call was unmistakable, and would no longer be ignored. The ancient sea-mother plead, and she remembered, set her course, and went home.
Righteous fury.
Wild woman.
Wise woman.
With a reclaimed, rightful fire in her belly, and with the familial female saltiness of her ocean home filling her veins, she dove into her future, fearful yet fearless,
...a wild woman of the sea.

Lynn has been working in the medium of mosaic for over 14 years, and in that time, she has seen her own journey take turns she never would have dreamed.
Her work with mosaic has lately begun to explore the intuitive, mysterious, unique, and powerful nature of the female experience. What currently captivates her is the special way that the texture of various minerals, organic elements, and other tessarae combine to succinctly tell a story, both visually and at a deeper level, through the elements of the mosaic themselves.

Lynn is a member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and Contemporary Mosaic Art (CMA), and is a juried member of the South Carolina Artisans Center, the state's official art center showcasing South Carolina's best artists and artisans. Her artwork has received several awards, and her participation in many collaborative public mosaic projects has resulted in her mosaic work being displayed all over the world, including Chile, Australia, Germany, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Lynn Monet Bevino
South Carolina, USA