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Love Heals All 
by Verdonna Westcott
Love Heals All
by Verdonna Westcott


Dimensions: 2 1/4” x 1 7/8” / 5.7cm x 4.8cm, 24" / 61cm high quality vintage gold-plated rope chain.

Tesserae: Swarovski crystal glass rhinestones

“Wear some love! This jeweled heart pendant was hand sculpted then mosaicked with luxurious Swarovski crystal glass rhinestones. Each stone embedded by hand, even the tiniest ones. The flower petals and leaves are rare heart-shaped stones in fuchsia, ruby red, rose pink, and emerald green colors. Tranquil background blends from sapphire blue to aquamarine.

Jeweled mosaics have become my specialty. The opulent sparkle is like working with mini rays of sunshine. Having worked in front of a computer for 25 years left me with all kinds of hand, arm, and shoulder pain. Cutting glass tile and stone made the situation worse, so I looked for ways to still create mosaic art. I fell in love with glass stones! New or vintage, large or small. I have always been awed by sparkling things since childhood. Poor vision has made me fancy the vivid, bright, and bold all my life. Now, I immerse myself in the joy of working with these dazzling stones every day.”

Verdonna Westcott
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New Mexico, USA