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Big Brooch
by Ilona M. Bryan
Big Brooch
by Ilona M. Bryan


Dimension: 2.5" / 6cm Brooch

Tesserae: Millefiori, mirror, glass and glass nugget

Big Brooch is suitable for use on a coat, hat, shawl or bag.

“I am now retired from working on large public art projects, often involving schools and other community groups, due to age and mobility problems, but I still enjoy creating smaller work, using alternative and found materials; pebbles, crockery, mirror, combined with the more conventional glass and ceramic".

As a long time member of the British Association for Modern Mosaic, Ilona exhibits nationally. Other major exhibitions included ‘Art in Ruins’ and ‘The Labyrinth’ an international sculpture exhibitions at Dudley Castle, and ‘Sitting Pretty’ an international exhibition of women’s art at The Coventry Gallery, London.
One of Ilona’s sculptures is in Conoco’s corporate collection.
Permanently sited art includes: Belle View Sculpture Trail, ‘Paradise Pebble Mosaic’ – a peace memorial in Coventry and an entrance floor mosaic at Russell’s Hall Hospital.
Funding and commissioning bodies include Groundwork Coventry, British Waterways, Castrol UK, RNIB, and local authorities.

Ilona M. Bryan
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Dudley, England