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4' x 6' framed

Heartistry Is a collaborative mural created by a global group of mosaic artists and donated to Providence Park Hospital, Novi, Michigan, USA

Each heart mosaic was composed on a mesh background in the individual artists’ studio and shipped to Michigan where it was then incorporated into the larger mural.
The multiple and varied pieces were pulled together utilizing an intricate and detailed background.

Each of the pieces within Heartistry was designed to represent hearts. In each design there may be one heart, many hearts, or just a portion of a heart. Designs could be bold, busy, swirly, clean or simple, but only three colors could be used: red, white, and silver. While there was no requirement to use all three colors—each piece was required to have some red in it.

Materials used in Heartistry include:
stained glass, vitreous tile, tempered glass, mirror, dichroic glass, fused glass, plate glass, ceramic shapes, paper, flatware, metal key, jewelry: earrings, bracelet, pendants, charms, glass marbles, millefiori, polymer clay, ballchain, bb pellets, clockwork gears, and beads of coral, metal, glass, and onyx.

Contributing Artists
Agnes Spitzer-Greig
Dennis Brown
Eulavon Mallouf
Lynne Mosiman
Wendy Husen
Jayne Murphy
Maria Alvarez-Lundie
Cindy White
Cindy Sbrissa
Karen Kobylus
Irit Levy
Stacy Alexander
Annie Thomas-Burke
Berta Sergeant
Susan Walden
Lori Meade
Susan Crocenzi
Kim Grant
Sheri Thrift Roberson
Katie Waller
Kath Jones
Andrea Leger
Lori Desormeaux
Pam Goode
Patti Carroll Miskell
Doreen Bell
Donna Post
Maria Peak
Claire Roche
Kelley Knickerbocker
Kim Barrow
Janet Althoff
Helen Nock
Juli Hulcy
Mary Ringer
Michelle Curow
Gila Rayberg
Lin Parkin
Fresca De Lorme
Floy Height
Caroline Kovacs
Luz Mack-Durini
Danette Polglase
Elena Weissman
Barb Arne
Ilona Brustad
Heidi Easton-Pichler
Ilona Fried
Cynthia Buhrig
Linda Hooper
Pat Mitchell
Suzanne Steeves
Elsie Fontaine Gaertner
Rosemary Rizzo
Françoise Moulet
Amber Pierce
Heather Smith