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Swirlendipity I
Swirlendipity I

4' x 6' framed

Swirlendipity I is the first in a four-mural collaborative series created by a global group of
mosaic artists and donated to Providence Park Hospital, Novi, Michigan.

Each 6” mosaic swirl was composed on a mesh background in the individual artists’ studio and shipped to Michigan where it was then incorporated into the larger mural.
The varied pieces were pulled together utilizing a fluid background of cool hued swirls.

All featured Swirl pieces were created as 6”x6” squares.
Materials used include:
stained glass, vitreous tile, tempered glass, mirror, sea glass, ceramic tile, millefiori, china, river rocks, agate, glass cabochons, metal ballchain, beads (onyx, turquoise, glass, Czech
crystal, shell, silver, pearls) acrylic paint and mica.

Contributing Artists
Maria Alvarez – Lundie
Kim Barrow
Christine Brallier
Cynthia Buhrig
Candace Clough
Julie Crisp
Susan Crocenzi
Francesca De Lorme
Kim Grant
Shawn Hayes
Wendy Husen
Caroline Kovacs
Barbara Lewis
Eulavon Mallouf
Ulrike Martinez
Pat Mitchell
Elsbeth Morselt
Lynne Mosiman
Lin Schorr
Rita Schelin
Debra Sutton
Crystal Thomas
Susan Walden
Cindy White